Get to know our team in 10 questions. Interview with Desislava.

We start this column with interviews with the wonderful female team of Bulmint Recruitment who will talk about themselves and their interests. They are proven specialists in the field of human resources. They are dedicated to their work and always share what satisfaction it brings them to meet people and businesses and help them grow together. But what excites them in everyday life and what are they like in their personal lives? Desislava, who is the CEO and one of the founders of Bulmint Recruitment, will be the first to tell us.

1. Hello, Desi, introduce yourself to us in a few words?

Hi, I'm Desislava and I run Bulmint Recruitment. I like my job very much, I like to help people find their professional path, I like to travel and play sports :)

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2. Did you choose your profession or was it a vocation for you?

I started this profession by a conscious choice and it was a goal that I pursued for some time. After I accomplished it and started in the field of human resources, I realized that I had found myself professionally and this is the thing I want to do for a living. It gives me satisfaction that I don't think I would find anywhere else.

3. Do you have hidden talents and which are they?

Lately I've been discovering that I'm fond of cooking. This has been a hidden talent for a long time, even for myself :) When I was little I was practicing singing and piano, maybe there is something left from then.

4. What are your favorite reads?

I love old classic novels by Bulgarian, Russian and English writers. They take me to a very different, very romantic time. In many of them there is a lot of human psychology and philosophy, which I really like.

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5. Are there any podcasts you follow and would recommend?

Lately, I often listen to podcasts from foreign HR agencies, because I think they definitely dictate the trends and set the direction in this field. I think they are very relevant and there's always something that you can learn from them.

6. Since we're in the middle of the summer season, we must ask you where you prefer to rest - at the beach or in the mountains?

In recent years, I increasingly prefer the mountains, because there I find this peace, which is often missing in everyday life. This is the place where one can truly rest. I believe that in nature we are getting closer to ourselves.

7. How did your journey with Bulmint Recruitment begin and do you remember your first day at work?

Bulmint Recruitment is another dream come true. My journey began with the founding of the company. In the beginning I didn't have an office, computer, nor colleagues, but I had vacancies and nothing could be postponed, so I had to cope :) I often return to this beginning with affection and gratitude to the people who believed in my ideas.

8. What are the challenges you face in your daily life?

In my daily life I face the challenges of the labor market :) In fact, the biggest challenge for me and my team is to make each of our clients satisfied with our work, to assure them to be calm that we will find the right candidate for them. On the other hand, the challenge is the candidates we meet. I try to have as many job offers and options for everyone, according to their specific requirements.

9. How do you always stay informed about new trends in the field of human resources?

I follow everything that concerns the field of human resources. Linkedin is a great professional platform through which I reach many events, interviews, podcasts that are interesting to me. I follow people from the industry, whom I admire for the experience and success they have achieved. I am a member of HR organizations, which also give me the opportunity to keep up with the trends in the labor market.

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10. And what do you wish to happen to you in the near future?

In the near future I wish Bulmint Recruitment to be an even bigger team, to have even more fun together, to achieve even more success, to realize even more ideas.


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