Get to know our team in 10 questions. Conversation with Nadezhda.

We continue the column "Get to know our team", where we meet you with our colleagues from Bulmint Recruitment. A little more about herself and her life will share with us Nadezhda - a recruitment specialist for the IT and BPO industry. On a professional level, we can say that she is precise and diligent in her tasks. She has an individual approach to everyone and this is what helps her to be successful in her work. The answers to the following questions will allow us to understand more about her on a personal level.

1. Hi Nadia, introduce yourself to us in a few words?

Hello! I am Nadezhda - IT Recruiter at Bulmint Recruitment and I am lucky to have the opportunity to be part of this team.

Bulmint Recruitment - IT Recruiter

2. Did you choose your profession or was it a vocation for you?

I started in this field a long time ago. I would even say that initially I was not fully oriented with what exactly I wanted to do, but after some time and acquired experience, I realized that this is the career I want to pursue and develop myself in the future.

3. Do you have hidden talents and which are they?

Hmm, I don't think so. Or maybe they are so hidden that I haven't found them yet.

4. What are your favorite reads?

I love crime novels and novels with unexpected endings. I like some of Dan Brown's books, especially the ones set in locations I've already been to. If I have time, I like to read different literary genres, except for fantasy.

5. Are there any podcasts you follow and would recommend?

To be honest - short and straight, I'll answer "No". I prefer to follow more literary publications where I can take the information at ease and really focus on it.

6. Since we're in the middle of the summer season, we must ask you where you prefer to rest - at the beach or in the mountains?

A vacation?!  Did I mention I have two young children?! I prefer the "vacation" to be a combination of a few days at sea, a few in the mountains and a few hours of sleep - no matter where! 

Bаck in the time, when I was living in England, I spent my free time with friends on short trips to different sights and new places.

Bulmint Recruitment - IT Recruiter

7. How did your journey with Bulmint Recruitment begin and do you remember your first day at work?

With a smile! ? After the interview, I had no expectations that a call, an offer and the start of a new challenge would follow.
Usually, the first days at a new job can be quite stressful, but it wasn't like that for me. I remember the atmosphere in the office and the colleagues who made me feel quite in my place.

8. What are the challenges you face in your daily life?

It is a challenge to be the connecting link between partners and candidates and to be able to offer the best to both parties. Not only to send an application, but to know that the employer has found the most suitable addition to their team, and the candidate has started in a new, better workplace. It is also a challenge to be informed in a very dynamic field and to keep up with the good work practices.

9. How do you always stay informed about new trends in the field of human resources?

Daily communication with quite many people in the same field brings a lot of information. Also the various platforms, forums, online publications and of course social networks.

Bulmint Recruitment - IT Recruiter

10. And what do you wish to happen to you in the near future?

I wish for something unexpected and surprising that will bring me positive emotions. And of course, successful development of Bulmint Recruitment and more professional challenges.

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