How to optimize your LinkedIn profile in 7 steps?

In the digital world today, there is a special place for all specialists who are not only looking for new career opportunities but also seeking to build a network of professional contacts. LinkedIn is the gathering place for all of these purposes, and it's a great way to use it for your professional development.

A survey through the members on the platform shows that over 90% of recruiters successfully use this channel to find new hires. But what can you do to stand out and get noticed? Try some of our tips to optimize your profile and stand out among professionals with similar skills to yours.

1. Fill out all your profile information

Very often you will receive suggestions from the site itself (so-called tips) on how to improve your presentation. One of them is to enter as much information as possible in the fields provided. You don't have to worry about someone misusing your data - Linkedin has a strict policy regarding its storage and handling. The platform even distinguishes three levels of completeness of the profile, which give different advantages to users: initial - for all members, medium - with four completed sections, and distinguished - with all 7 completed sections. With maximum data on your profile, you will benefit from more specific recommendations and suggestions related to finding a suitable position and more views of the profile by potential employers.

2. Choose a suitable photo

Your profile picture should be professional, up-to-date and visible to all network members. It is recommended to present yourself with a working business look, but don’t look too firm - the first impression is the most important and it will be great to show that you are a person with a warm and welcoming character. For those of you who are definitely looking for your new job, you have the option of placing one of LinkedIn's specially prepared "open to work" frames, which will quickly and easily allow recruiters to find you and move directly to a conversation with you.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile in 7 steps

3. Make the most of the description space

You have 220 characters at your disposal not just to include your current position. Type in all the keywords that match your experience, interests, strengths and vision for career development. This way, you will focus mainly on the work you would like to do, not so much on the position you held. In addition, you will significantly increase the chances of your name appearing in various searches and show that you are looking in the direction of your future.

4. Build a brief summary

The Linkedin team notes that people who included their resumes had received 3.9 times more profile views. Mark your career highlights, but try to present the information in measurable results. Emphasize the qualities that have helped you on your way to achieving them.

5. Add your skills and recommendations

Ask the connections in your network to endorse you for certain skills and to give their assessment - nothing speaks more eloquently about your competence than the opinion of managers and colleagues. Experts advise highlighting your hard skills and marking 3 of them as the most significant. Think carefully which skill to choose and approach the right people who would support you.

6. Be active and expand your contacts

In addition to the up-to-dateness of your data, recruiters also monitor your activity. When you see news related to your professional field or personal interests, do not remain indifferent - like, comment or share, adding relevant hashtags to make the information available to more people.

Try adding new contacts to your network. Accept and send invitations from and to people in similar positions or fields of activity. Thank them with a short message, for adding you to their circle of acquaintances and express your wish to exchange ideas and experiences with each other. Such a small gesture is always appreciated and can start a successful collaboration and open new opportunities for you.

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile in 7 steps

7. Turn on your job alerts and use Easy Apply

You have the great opportunity to subscribe to notifications for available vacancies that you have set according to your criteria - on-site or remote work, specific city or country, expert level and even a specific company you follow.

Most employers offer the option of easy apply - applying on LinkedIn in three easy steps:

  • Sending current contacts - phone and email
  • CV application - as an attachment
  • Answering specific questions from the company - for example, in relation to the level of language proficiency, years of experience in the specific field or position, etc.

You will have a final opportunity to review your application and submit it quickly and easily.

Take advantage of the opportunities that LinkedIn offers to find your desired job and create a network of professional contacts who will be able to help you build your career. If you are interested in more career advice, check out our blog articles or contact us at or tel. 0311 39 047

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