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Whether you need one person or a whole team for permanent or temporary employment, we have experience and a large database and can offer you specialists in the fields of finance and accounting, administration, technology, marketing and advertising, production, etc. Our recruitment consultants are proven professionals who will quickly find the right employee for your business. We value the time of our clients and we will help you build a stable team in a short time. We know that finding the right personnel is one of the biggest challenges for businesses and we are here to be your partners in the whole process.

Business diversification – segmenting customers by industry helps us to better understand the specific requirements of the business and the specifics of the work. From there, we apply a different approach to the selection of personnel for each segment, which guarantees a quick and successful result.

Objective point of view – extremely good knowledge of the labor market allows us to consult our clients throughout the recruitment process. From determing the necessary staff and requirements for the position, through the selection, to the time of hiring an employee and monitoring their adaptation to the new job, you can count on our many years of experience and professional perspective.

Dynamic database - we are in daily contact with a database of potential candidates, thanks to which we are well aware of their requirements, expectations and development goals. By understanding well both businesses and people, we can successfully meet their interests and points of view.

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